Morso Outdoor Living Range

Outdoor Living, the outdoor kitchen and outdoor cooking is becoming more and more important for families all over the country.  Morso has developed exclusive outdoor products to serve all social situations.  The flames from the ovens create a social and cozy setting for all members of your friends and family.  Furthermore, it's possible to use the Fornos as a smoke oven, bakery oven, BBQ and last but not least to make the best pizzas in the world.

Forno Deluxe Package


Morso Forno Deluxe Package is a grill and pizza oven on a large outdoor table on wheels.  This gives you a working area and the ability to move the table around the patio.  There is plenty of room for decorative firewood, herbs and the most important utensils, so that they are always at hand.

Morso Forno Outdoor Oven

Open Fire and a real Italian atmosphere!

You can now make your outdoor life more comfortable, more beautiful, more exclusive and exciting.  Morso Forno is much more than a grill - by using the Forno, you will be able to cook tasty and versatile dishes.

Morso Forno Terra

Bright sunshine, friends, family and fantastic food.  The Morso Forno lifts your outdoor food preparation to a higher level and makes it possible to prepare special dishes easily and expertly.  The Morso Forno Terra is a grill and pizza oven ona square table with wheels (60 x 60cm), which gives you the ability to turn or move the Forno - even while in use.  The fire from the Forno functions as a natural gathering point, where everyone can enjoy the beautiful shape of the Forno and not least the cosy atmosphere.  Moro Terra is suitable for the smaller terrace and can stand outdoors the whole year round.

Morso Grill '17

As long as you have firewood, there will be cheerful company.

Morso Grill '17 is a beautiful piece of terrace furniture that will mean more opportunities for sensational food in the open.  The barbecue as such consists of a 'bowl', a grilling and frying place.  Combined, totalling a diameter of 60 cm and individually adjustable in height, the two semicircles can be swivelled aside and thus facilitate simultaneous barbecuing at various levels.

Morso Forno Gas

Morso's latest addition, the Morso Forno Gas - the first gas grill in there otherwise broad outdoor assortment.  The Morso Forno Gas is a handy grill which not only has the basic gas grill functions but also contributes most beautifully to your outdoors environment with its minimalist design and sure touch.  The Morso Forno Gas outer cabinet is made from moulded aluminium and the grilling grid from solid cast iron.  The minimalist handle completes the front of the for, both in terms of deign and ergonomics.

Morso Grill Forno II

Morso Grill Forno II, a multi-functional version of the Morso Grill Forno, is now available with a larger opening to the fire pit which not only leaves more room for cooking - it also provides an even greater view of the flames and, thus, contributes to a more congenial bonfire atmosphere.

Morso Kamino

Morso Kamino- An outdoor fireplace made of cast iron.

The Morso Kamino outdoor fireplace is shaped in cast iron and can - in addition to decorating and warming all outdoor spaces - also extend the use of the patio, so that it can be used from early spring, on cool summer evenings and on into the early autumn.  The Kamino is moveable and can be turned in relation to both wind and arrangement.

Morso Grill '71 Table

Morso Grill '71 Table is a brand-new variation of the iconic Grill '71 by Morso, which has been a permanent part of the Danish summer for generations.  This new model enables everyone to gather round the table to share the joyous atmosphere on barbecuing, working well on charcoal, briquettes or ordinary wood.

Morso Ignis Firepit

Fire captivates - dancing, hot flames are a natural meeting place and promote calm, contemplation and comfort.  The Morso Firepit is the ideal choice for everyone who likes to create good, atmospheric times in the garden.  As well a functioning as a beautiful decoration on the patio, it can of course be used to cook on.

Morso Fire Pot

Morso Fire Pot, designed by Klas Rath, is a tribute to fire and the brief glimpses of simplicity in life.  This beautiful fireplace is the obvious choice for spending warm and cosy family time in front of the fire - or just for a live decoration in the garden.

Morso Bel

Spread comfort on the patio or welcome guests with living fire at the door.  The specially developed Morso Bel bio-ethanol lamp gives the flame a soft body and fantastic dancing life.  The base is made of solid cast iron, burner and lid of brushed stainless steel.

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